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How to place an order

1) Create your list! please include items needed, store preferences, name, and address.

2) Place your order here.

3) You will receive a confirmation email that day at or before 12pm when your products will be delivered.

4) We will sanitize your products and deliver them to your house.


No upfront costs, we pay for the groceries ourselves. Upon delivery you pay the price of the groceries and a flat 20% tip, no delivery fee required. (we have a $20 minimum tip)

We accept Debit/ Credit Cards, PayPal, Cash-App

About Us

We value customer interaction more than anything in our business. We are not a large corporate chain, rather a small group of young adults eager to make a change in our community.

We started delivering food to our relatives and decided we could do it for others too. With this idea, we created Stork Distributions, which is a company built by, operated by, and for the benefit of the Baltimore county community. We pride ourselves in following all CDC guidelines and we hope our efforts will assist with flattening the curve and getting our lives back to normal, while providing a service to our community. We’re local Towson, Calvert Hall, graduates who decided to find a way to better our community.